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Love The Guy, Hate The Ring? Quick Guide To Remodelling an Engagement Ring in Brisbane

The wedding’s come and gone.  You’ve found the man of your dreams but every time you look at your engagement ring you wish you’d been there to pick it!  It’s OK, there are tons of brides remodelling their engagement rings here in Brisbane.  It’s not that you HATE the ring, it’s that fashions change, right!  So, while your marriage might be going strong, you might be experiencing some engagement ring regret. It doesn’t have to be that way. Remodelling your engagement ring in Brisbane’s easier and more affordable than you think!

Why remodelling your engagement ring opens a world of possibilities

Remodelling Engagement Rings Brisbane

Remodelling your engagement ring is a beautiful way to breathe life and lustre into the piece of jewellery you’ll wear everyday of your life.  As a bonus, you could increase its value and give it a timelessness you never thought was possible. But, it’s awkward right?  He’s probably spent hours agonising over which engagement ring was the right choice.  Need an excuse to remodel your engagement ring? Here are 5 of the best!

1. Make your engagement ring truly yours

The best proposal is a surprise, romantic proposal. Maybe you didn’t have much of a say in choosing your ring and it’s not really your cup of tea? If catching a glimpse of your engagement ring makes your heart sink not sing, it may be time for a change. Remodelling the stones into a dazzling new setting means capturing your unique style and personality, whilst at the same time preserving its precious sentimental value.  Invite your husband to play a part in remodelling your engagement ring.  Decide on the final design together, then it’s truly a celebration of your marriage.

2. Making the most of your diamond

Remodelling Your Engagement Ring For The Diamond


Trap a beautiful diamond in an outdated/unattractive setting and you’ll quickly lose sight of its sparkle. Your diamond’s true value and potential can be unlocked in the right setting. Exceptional remodelling can bring out the exquisite beauty of the cut, carat and clarity, as well as adding significant value overall to the piece.  Choose a proper Brisbane jeweller to remodel your engagement ring, don’t rely on shop front jewellery stores.  The RIGHT Brisbane jeweller will help you turn your precious stone into a masterpiece.

3. Dealing with damage

Consigned your engagement ring to the jewellery box because it’s seen better days? If the engagement ring was poorly crafted originally, it could have faults in the settings… and nobody wants to lose a diamond.  Remodelling your engagement ring is also the perfect solution to overcoming the sort of heartbreaking day-to-day damage that’s inevitable from constant wear, especially if you’re remodelling your ring because you’re renewing your vows.  There’s nothing like 10 or 20 years to age its beauty!  If you’ve managed to dent or chip your ring, or even lose a stone over the years, an expert jeweller can bring your engagement ring back to its original sparkling glory.

4. Create a bespoke piece for generations to come

Maybe you have a few beloved pieces and want to unlock their hidden potential? Remodelling is an opportunity to incorporate diamonds, gemstones, gold or platinum from a few special items of jewellery into a unique statement piece. Or, perhaps you’re considering passing on your engagement ring to your daughter or grand-daughter some day? Remodelling your engagement ring ensures you can gift a piece of jewellery with a unique, one-off design that will be cherished for years, and generations, to come.

5. Celebrating milestones in your relationship

Life’s journey is marked by milestones. If you’re celebrating a special anniversary or renewing your vows, it’s a perfect time to bring up the topic of remodelling your engagement ring. Creating a new design is the perfect way to celebrate your commitment to each other. Consider adding some symbolic gems to your existing ring, like the birthstones of your children.

Remodelling your engagement ring in Brisbane

  • Brisbane’s jewellery industry is part pro, part disaster.  Here’s some tips from Brisbane jewellers Diamondport:
  • Find a master jeweller with the expertise, imagination and unfailing attention to detail necessary to breathe new life into your old engagement ring.
  • Ask if they use computer-aided design (CAD) software, to help you envisage your engagement ring’s exquisite hidden potential and make that vision a reality.
  • When it comes to jewellery you wear everyday, value is everything, not price.  Don’t opt for a chain store jeweller just because they’re cheaper.  This is your engagement ring!

Thanks to Ashley Portas from Diamondport for sharing his insights into remodelling engagement rings.  Diamondport are specialists in remodelling engagement rings for Brisbane brides.


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