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Modern Twists to Wedding Hairstyles

I have been seeing a big change to wedding hair in the last few years with more modern twists to the traditional wedding hairstyles from past years.

 Textured Wedding Buns

In the last year brides are choosing more textured buns instead of tighter buns adding in fresh flowers to compliment their wedding hairstyles. Lots of texture is created and it is a nice modern twist to the traditional tight bun. The veil sits beautifully above the bun and can be taken out later in the day and replaced with a gorgeous clip.

FullSizeRender (1)

 Pony Tail Hairstyles

Pony Tails are becoming very popular as a wedding hairstyle. Either pulled tightly up high or softly back with texture with hair wrapped around the ponytail for a modern and more formal twist to the pony. Adding fresh flowers looks stunning also. For extra volume in your pony tail hairstyle I can add extra hair with extensions and create stunning waves throughout the pony tail.


 Wave Wedding Hairstyles

I absolutely love down waves for a wedding which is a change from the tighter curls from years ago. You can add hair extensions to add volume and to help the waves last longer. Some brides loosen the waves for a effortless look or leave them more together for a more glamorous look. A veil can be worn with down waves and can be secured in the back and taken out later in the night for dancing. You can sweep the waves to one side showing off one shoulder and to show off earrings. A stunning wedding hairstyle for all length hair.

FullSizeRender (3)

 Chignon Hairstyles

Loving effortless Chignon Hairstyles. The front of the style could be side swept and twisted back or with no part taken straight back with soft texture for a more beachy look. If you have finer textured hair a hair padding could be added to create volume. Adding babies breath flowers has been very popular in recent months. Your veil could be placed above the Modern Chignon and worn over your face for the traditional bride.


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