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Flowergirl Hairstyles: Perfect for little Princesses!

Flowergirl Hairstyles

Before you underestimate the importance of the flower girl hairstyles, remember what it was like to dress up like a princess for the first time!

The flower girl has a very important job at a wedding; they are the first ones seen as they introduce the bride and bridesmaids to the isle. These little princesses want the royal treatment as much as the bridal party ladies. Let them enjoy this by getting their hairstyles right!

Ideas for flowergirl hairstyles

Flower girls come in a range of ages and their hair and style all differ. Here are a few ideas that will see your flower girl walk with confidence and fit perfectly into the style of your wedding.

Thin hair

· Waves – this style gives the illusion of thicker hair. Pair it with a headband to add colour.

· Tight top bun – this hairstyle adds dimension and looks amazing with a bow or ribbon.

Long hair

· French braid – this will not only keep her hair out of her eyes, but it will also look elegant with minimal effort.

· Loose curls – a clip or bobby pin with a flower attached can also be used to pull hair to one side for added effect.


· Basic bun – this is a very simple pulled back style and one that can be done by you. Dress it up with ribbon, a clip or even fresh flowers.

· Twists – by twisting and pinning the hair back their hairstyle will remain intact and pretty. Adding diamantes will inject a little bit of sparkle to a basic hairstyle.


· Headbands – these are a great idea because they will ensure the flower girls hair is pulled back and out of her face while also keeping her hair tidy throughout the day.

· Flower crowns – these are very ‘on trend’ with girls of all ages. For little ones though the best choice of flowers include baby’s breath or silk flowers. These are long lasting!

· Clips – simple but effective in maintaining a look while adding something a little special to the hair-do.

While the bride may be the centre of attention, there is no reason for the flower girls to feel any less important. They want to look their best as well. By choosing a flower girl hairstyle to suit their specific hair needs, you will be helping them look and feel their best on this very special day.

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